And it’s only just beginning!


SUMMER! A time of year i used to dread, i’m not so bad these days but i’m still a Winter man…Give me wind, rain, snow and ice any day. BUT, this one has been pretty good so far. We are almost halfway through the new program LIIFT4 and it is fantastic, as you can see from the picture it’s not been hard at all…..39227203_1823686147724735_145978593996963840_n

Its also great to have time off, we bought a new trampoline, been walking in the rain, flew kites of the side of a huge hill, not quite a mountain but maybe we’ll do that next week.



Oh, we have been to a family wedding too, it was nice to catch up with people we have not seen for a LONG time!


AND, i still have 2 weeks off to spend with these awesome people……… 🙂

I was NOT ready for this….At all!

Today, my awesome wife persuaded me to attempt our first workout together in 20 years and oh my god! i was not ready. She had been asking me for ages and ages but i kept putting her off, it turns out, with good reason haha….

You can see the full video on my YouTube Channel by following the link below, it is in fact the first video i have ever uploaded! Many more will follow.

I think i was a nervous wreck after her earlier driving lesson, not that she’s a bad driver its more i am a s*** passenger 🙂


Ok, enough from me….here is the video….it’s not THAT funny, honestly hahaha…..Oh, and please excuse the F Bomb, I didn’t mean it….!

Click here to view the video 😉